THE ALTAR CROSS:   Consecrated for worship on 04-10-1964. It was presented by Mr. Seth Sylvester Raphael and Family.

THE HIGH ALTAR TABLE: Consecrated for use in 1929 presented by the congregation in memory of Rev.S.Paranjothi Priest-in-Charge St.Paul's for 30 years.

THE ALTAR BOARD: In memory of Mr.S.John erected by his wife in 1930.

THE SANCTUARY LAMP: A masterpiece creation of the medival age. A rare antique now.

ALTAR DESKS: In memory of Mr. S.D. James, Organist in 1964

COMMUNION RAILS: A humble offering from M.S. Yesudian, in grateful devotion of Christian Education received from The Rev S Paranjothi- while Professor in Caldwell College, Tuticorn.

MISSAL STAND: Pedestal type stand in highly polished brass with revolving book plate.

SANCTUARY BELL:  Three belled horizontal type in brass with cross shape handle. Rung during consectration of elements during festivals and special occasions.


TRINITY PILLARS: A pair in brass with three flower pots to resemble a cross nearly six feet in height. These are placed on Gospel Step of the Altar on either side. Presented in memory of A.S. Swarnamal Yesudian in 1926.

NOEL AND BENEDICT PAIR: Made in brass nearly 3.5 feet in height with flower top and board base. Presented by Mr Kitchener in memory of Noel Yesudian died  in 1940 and Benedict Yesudian died in 1942.

CEREMONIAL PROCESSIONAL LANTERN:  Recently while in search of left out anglican traditions, a pair of processional laterns were made in accordance with the pattern of the original found to be in use in St.Peter's Chapel, Bangalore. It was made as thank offering by Victor Ambrose & Family

ALTAR FRONTALS: The High Altar is draped in beautifully embroidered frontals in suitable colours in accordance with liturgical colors. Many are thank offerings.

There are still more offerings / donations ( DETAILS WILL BE UPDATED SOON)

 THE PRESBYTER"S MATINS SEATS: Two sets of chairs and desks in carved wood made in memory of Rev. Manuel Yesudian in 1928.

THE PROCESSIONAL CROSS: Nearly three Generations old a thank offering from Daniel Paranjothi.

THE LECTURN: Made in oriental style in brass with wooden platform- presented in memory of the Rev. Samuel Paranjothi in 1929.

THE PULPIT: Presented by the Mother's Union in 1944.

BAPTISMAL FONT:  Made in white mosaic-presented by Mrs K David in 1952 in memory of Dr. M.D. David.

BAPTISMAL ALTAR CROSS: A new addition made in brass with circular case and round edges consectrated on Palmsunday in 1988 and was presented by Sathya, Prema Sisters.

LENTEN ALTAR CROSS: Made in brass with round base and square edges, Consectrated on Palm Sunday in 1988 and was presented by Mr and Mrs Dheshraj. Above the Altar is placed a framed painting of the facial image of Christ with the Crown of Thorns.

 PORTABLE SICK COMMUNION SET: Made by Cox and Sons, London,  presented by the Rev. Flynn in 1901. It has the chalice, paten , round wafer box and glass cruet.

CHALICE AND PATEN OF TRADITIONAL TYPE: Presented in memory of Daniel Debadason in 1908.

RECTANGULAR WAFER BOX: Presented by Charles James in 1943.

CHALICE PATEN, CIBORIUM OF TRADITIONAL TYPE: Presented by Men's Society in 1961.

SQUARE PATEN: A Foot square sized paten of well type with rounded edges- Presented by Mr J A Shanthappa ( used on special occasions)

There are still more offerings / donations ( DETAILS WILL BE UPDATED SOON)

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