Down the Memory of St. Paul's Church

 If one looks below the Baptismal Altar,  A Smooth piece of polished stone says that it was laid on the 7th of March AD 1901, to mark the extentions of the Eastern side of the church. This was possible, the stone says, largely due to the benevolance of Mr. Joseph David. This was the first known extension of the original Church.

The western side of the Church now housing the vestry and choir room was added in 1936 AD with The Rev. Canon H.H Flynn laying the Foundation on the 13th of April and the Rt. Rev. E.H.M. Waller, DD, Lord Bishop of Madras dedicating it on the 11th October 1936. This Tablet appears on the face of the Church facing the setting sun. This being the Second Extension.

As time went by, the Parish grew from strength to strength and it was felt that the Church should be further extended  for the purpose of having a spacious chancel and Holy sanctuary accordingly a foundation stone for the extension was laid by the Rt.Rev.Pakenaham walsh on the eve of the Southern side of the church. The funds raised for this project largely by the Mother's Union quickly bore fruit and the Altar sanctuary was consecrated on the 19th of April 1949 AD by the Rt. Rev.P. Gurushantha, Bishop,Mysore Diocese. A brass tablet erected besides the Arch of the sanctuary speaks of the effort of the former and a Silver plate circular Cross embedded latter occasion. This was the third extention of the Church within the First centuary of its existence.

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