About St. Paul's Church..

It was in the year 1835 that Missionary, the Elders and the Congregation of St. Mark’s Church (SPG) helped to locate a suitable place for building a separate church for the Tamil speaking Christians. Rev. G. Trevor, the then Chaplin of St. Marks, in a small way, started the work of a Tamil parish in 1838. St. Paul’s was the result of their sincere efforts and it came to be established as the “First Tamil Anglican Church” in the erstwhile Mysore State.

The Lord Bishop of Madras the Rev. George Trevor Spencer, D.D. Consecrated this church on the 31st March 1840 and installed the Rev. S.J. Joshua (SPG) as its First Parish Priest. Since then the church has played a prominent and useful role in the lives of its members.

The church underwent several modifications and extensions to result in what it stands now. The first extension being in 1901, the second in 1936 and third in 1947. According to records we learn that the church celebrated its Centenary in the year 1940 during the Presbytership of Rev. R. Ezekiel. The Celebrations were organized in a very grand manner by the then Honorary Secretary Mr. G. S. Samuel.

The Church passed through its 125th year during the Presbytership of Rev. Paramamandam.

The Church entered the 150th year on the 31st March 1989 and to commemorate that occasion a very special service with Holy Eucharist was organized under the Presbytership of Rev Solomon Gnanaraj and Rev J Saduri.

Now the 173-year old St.Paul’s Church is a simple testimony of faith amidst a sea of hustle, bustle of’s City life. In the middle of the bustling Shivajinagar adjacent to the stands a regal red and white church named St Paul’s Church… the more than one-and-a-half century old still stands majestically. Now today it is under the Karnataka Central Diocese under the Presbytership of Rev. D. John Milton.

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